Our Services

Every movement of equipment and goods is planned together with the client, with feasibility and logistical checks, route planning and surveys.
We offer a wide range of normal and out-of-gauge transport solutions for any type of cargo with any dimensions or weight.
We transport goods in the safest and most reliable way possible, guaranteeing optimal management of required authorisations and escorts, providing constant tracking between driving staff and client, optimising every transfer.
We possess permanent authorisations for travel in Italy (including the islands), France, Austria and Germany and are able to obtain the required permits to transport goods in any other country thanks to our partnerships throughout Eastern Europe and non EU countries.
The client can count on an accurate and fast quotation service, with detailed ad hoc quotes, feasibility studies and logistical customisation.

Normal transport

Conventional transport, full loads throughout Italy, palletised or non palletised goods.

Non-standard transport


  • 20 or 40 foot flat rack or open top, out of gauge in width or height.
  • Transport of goods up to 3.00 m wide and 4.30 m high, or 25 m long and 4.30 m high using vehicles with permanent authorisation for Italy, including ports, France, Germany and Austria.
  • Transport of machinery, light carpentry, containers with lowbed and extra-lowbed semi-trailers with maximum height of 30 cm.
  • Transport of rings, discs and dished heads up to 480 cm in diameter, using racks on lowbeds, with permanent authorisations.
  • Transport of current transformers of various sizes with unloading and positioning.
  • Transport of machinery, machining centres, presses, boilers, skids and turbines.
  • Transport of heavy carpentry, autoclaves, cisterns, tanks, silos, columns.
  • Transport of iron beams, bridge cranes, beams and plywood pedestrian/cyclist bridges.
  • Transport of lift cabins, processing machinery, feeders, wheeled loaders and bulldozers.
  • Transport of railway machinery and trains.
  • Transport of boats
  • Haulage of fairground machinery of various sizes, both legal and non-standard in Italy and abroad.



Veneta Trasporti's strong point is global logistics.
Every movement is carefully analysed in detail in order to optimise internal processes, improve flows and provide the company with the highest possible internal efficiency, so as to keep the services offered to clients at the highest possible standard.
A part of our strategy focuses on storage logistics.
For this reason, we have a storage area of 17,000 square metres and an extensive outdoor yard for the storage and deposit of goods.
We also provide logistics for palletised goods and non-standard parcels.
Veneta Trasporti provides its Clients with an all risk insurance cover service for normal and non-standard goods, in transit and in storage.

Macchine operatrici

Macchine operatrici

Tutto ciņ che si muove, muove la Veneta Trasporti. Escavatori gommati o cingolati, pale gommate o cingolate, dumper, posatubi, perforatrici, etc...
Legno lamellare

Legno lamellare

La Veneta Traporti č il partner ideale dei maggiori produttori di lamellare in Italia e all'estero, fin da quando il legno lamellare ha fatto la sua comparsa nell'edilizia.
Meccanica di Precisione

Meccanica di Precisione

Da anni, Veneta Trasporti movimenta presse di ogni tipo, per una vasta clientela: presse meccaniche, idrauliche, eccentriche, etc..
Impianti Industriali

Impianti Industriali

Da sempre trasportiamo qualsiasi tipologia di merce per i produttori di carpenteria e caldaieria in generale.
Logistica e Trasporti

Logistica e Trasporti

Disponiamo di un'area di 17.000 mq di cui 5.000 mq a magazzino coperti e il restante a piazzale.